A Place for Everything

My prayer journal just isn’t for my prayers. It is my place for everything.

My thoughts.

My emotions.

My questions.

If God is the center of my life and certainly my heart, why wouldn’t I communicate with Him in my journal on everything going on my life each day?

journal tools

Different Interpretations

Journaling folk have different interpretations on prayer journals. My interpretation of a prayer journal is my daily communication with God on what is happening in my life. By the way, He already knows all these things, but it is my opportunity to help me sort out all these things with Him every day.

Others may use their prayer journals to simply journal about Bible scripture and what God is saying to them through scripture. I do too. Writing Bible verses in my prayer journal helps me to memorize the passage, and then writing what the verses mean to me and asking God to help me learn what He is trying to teach me.

Others may write out their prayers in formal voice or as innocently as a child speaks to their Father in heaven. Either way, God invites you to speak with him honestly and openly which is why a prayer journal is such an enriching spiritual activity. A prayer journal is a record of our lives devoted to drawing closer to God, and in turn, an opportunity to go back a re-read and journal about how God has answered our requests. It’s timeline on how we have drawn closer to Him and how He has drawn closer to us.

“We can never thank God enough for all the joy you give us as we rejoice in God’s presence.” 1 Thessalonians 3:9

My Prayer Journal

Not only do I write in my prayer journal, I have drawings, artwork, and Christian devotions taped in my prayer journal. One day’s activities may be just one page and other days may cover multiple pages in my prayer journal.

Diary or a Journal?

What’s the difference? There may not be a difference. It’s your personal white space to fill with God. If you haven’t already been following The Prayer Journal blog, please visit all the categories as I have shared my experience in developing my own prayer journal.

My Journal’s Back Page

As some of my readers may remember, I reserve the back pages of my prayer journal for those for whom I pray for on their behalf. I don’t always know their names or their particular circumstances, but God does!

Something new here at The Prayer Journal blog!

From time to time, I will be reviewing Christian themed books to help you in your prayer journey and journal writing experience. You will find all book reviews archived in the category “Journal Book Reviews.” Stay tuned for future book and devotional reviews.

“May the Lord Jesus Christ’s good will, God’s love, and the Holy Spirit’s presence be with all of you!” 2 Corinthians 13:13

May I pray for you?

I enjoy reading your input. Please message me here or email me at hoot@thebloggingowl.com

Prayer prompts can also be found at on my Twitter feed: @PrayerPrompts


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