40 Days of Lent – Reflections #1, A Series

Last Wednesday, February 26, 2020, Ash Wednesday began the Lenten season for Christians. This blog, The Prayer Journals extended an invitation to join a 6-week spiritual awakening through daily fasting, prayer and reflecting on posting Bible verses and prayer journal prompts. These Bible verses and reflection, prayer journal prompts are posted daily on The Prayer Journals Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PrayerPrompts/. Even though this 6-week spiritual awakening journey has begun, I invite you to join this event today.

Reflections #1

Each week I will be posting excerpts from my prayer journal reflections. I invite you to share your prayer journal reflections here on the blog or over on The Prayer Journals Facebook page. My sharing of my personal prayer reflections on this spiritual journey towards Easter is intended to show how journal writing can help each one of us draw closer to God.

Drawing Closer to God

In drawing closer to God, we can express our personal, heartfelt desires, failures and needs. The back page of my prayer journal lists the names of people I pray for daily. When the page is full, I add names on the previous page and so on. When prayers have been fulfilled, like a successful surgery or an answer to a job interview, I note a prayer of thanksgiving next to the person’s name and date. Why a date? It is a reflection that not all prayers are answered instantly, but according to God’s Will and perfect timing for that person.

Find that quiet space to draw closer to God. Allow yourself to write as much as you are led to write from your heart. It may only be just one paragraph, or it may be several pages. God wants to hear from you. I ask God daily to help me see Him throughout the day, to hear Him, and to help me feel His presence. God never fails to answer that request.

Daily Bible Verse and Personal Reflection

While the focus of the daily personal reflection is on one Bible verse, it is an opportunity to read that verse in the Bible in its’ full context with the beginning of the chapter in which the verse appears. The God’s Word translation is primarily used in The Prayer Journals blog and for the purpose of this Lenten series.


Day 1 – “Self-Improvement”

As I read Luke, Chapter 6, the meaning of verse 24 becomes into focus in verse 37 on the topic of judging others.

Here is an excerpt from my personal prayer journal:

“As I pray today’s verse from Your Word, I diligently pray for my own self-improvement in mind, body and spirit. As I begin to fast from 3 daily meals, I pray that my hunger is not from food but a hunger to know You better. A hunger to reflect Your Goodness and deny myself any position that would make another person feel less than deserving of Your love, grace and mercy than me. I look to Your ways to help me to stop judging, to stop condemning and to forgive others. Lord, may I see not see their faults, but the highest possibilities in them. Help me to be the well-trained teacher that leads with Your compassion.”

Day 2 – “To Devote Myself to God”

My prayer journal excerpt from the day:

“Dear Lord, I give you all the praise and glory. Many times, over the course of my life I relied on the wealth of this world instead of You. As I continue to fast, I peer into the deep well of my incompleteness and I have seen where I have limited or impoverished the ministry of Jesus because I have not been fully been devoted to You. I ask for forgiveness. I devote to drawing from Jesus’ well of quietness and comfort, and not the sadness and bitterness of my own, or what the world promises.”

Day 3 – “To Carry Other’s Cross”

My prayer journal excerpt from the day:

“Dear Lord, not all of us have the same life experiences, but our experiences have familial roots. I pray that whether I can grasp the unique personal challenges of others that I am able accept and affirm them as Your child. As I help them carry their cross, may they see Your light in my actions and words. Lord, I am grateful to those whose names are on endless list that have done the same for me.”

Day 4 – “To Cultivate Silence”

My prayer journal excerpt from the day:

“Lord, I know when something or someone disturbs me, I can make a disturbance to others. It is often something out of my control or something I cannot handle myself. So, what am I to do? I pray I will seek if not a physical place of quiet reflection, but a cultivate a place of silence within my heart so that I may feel Your calming presence. There is so much division, strife and heartache in this world, Lord, and I pray I do not add to it. Help me to hear Your whispering voice.”

Day 5 – “To Do God’s Will”

My prayer journal excerpt from the day:

“Dear Lord, I pray that I will not fall asleep. It is so easy to do under the weight of the today’s worldly pressures; but I pray that you will take my cup of temptation away and fill it with Christ’s living water.

I pray that I would resist using my own weapons in my own moral-resisting power; but use the spiritual weapon of implicit trust in You, a simple relationship with Jesus Christ. I know Lord that my love for You is not realized by intellectual discernment; it is a spiritual revelation.”

When I pray

I encourage you to periodically refer back to the initial invitation for this 6-week Lenten series, 40 Days of Lent – An Invitation for further journal writing guidance for the daily prayer journal prompts for the reflection topic. Please know that I am praying for you in this spiritual awakening journey toward the Easter celebration. You may reach out to me by email at theprayerjournals.com@gmail.com.

Getting to know God

I have been writing in a journal since I was a young girl. In the last ten years I have kept a prayer journal to draw closer to God. Are you waiting for answers? Draw closer to God.
I hope you will join me on The Prayer Journals Facebook page during the Lenten season (and beyond) for spiritual growth.

May I also ask that you share this blog post on your Facebook page and other social media, as well as, the daily Prayer Journals Facebook posts?

I appreciate your participation and value your prayers.

I am praying for you!

The Prayer Journals Facebook page provides prayer journal prompts and inspiration. Please join me there or on Twitter @prayerprompts. If you have a specific prayer request, please email me in confidence at theprayerjournals.com@gmail.com.

God’s Blessings to You,

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