Book Review: The Evangelist by William R. King

The Evangelist is a book written by independent author, William R King. I was more intrigued about the author initially than I was about the book’s description. I, too, have wrestled with an idea to write a book, but I have made several attempts. Yet each time I begin to write, I wonder if I am writing the book God intends for me to write so I hang back from writing a little longer. Thankfully, Mr. King did not hang back from attempting to write the book he believed God wanted him to write.

The description of the book from Amazon reads:

“Three lives are caught in a storm: One endures the storm and trusts God, one curse their storm and blames God, and the last is a storm and thinks they are God.

Phillip Ashby, a well-known traveling evangelist, is shot by a woman who knows him, but he does not remember her. Jessica Ashby’s faith collapses when her identity and security in her husband is threatened. Ethan Pitney, a psychiatrist who does not believe in God, becomes entangled in the scandal while helping Phillip Ashby.

The storm rains on everyone: the just and the unjust. ”

The Evangelist

As a Christian, I wanted to LOVE this book, but instead I can honestly say as a reader, I liked it.

The reason I liked it instead of loving it wasn’t because of the story, but that the story needs editing and polishing by a good publisher. I found myself struggling to feel anything for all the characters in the beginning of the story and the transitions between scenes left me frustrated and exasperated. Reading in between the lines in this book, I sensed that this was a great story willing itself to be told. A good editor would be able to help the author develop the characters and smooth out the edges with patient pacing for better storytelling.

Word from the Author

At the end of the book, Mr. King asks the reader for their help in three simple ways.

1. Write a review on Amazon/Goodreads/etc.., even if it is just reviewing the story by giving it stars.

2. Tell your friends about the book and share it on social media/blog.

3. This has been a labor of love and to contact him via Twitter: @TheEvangelistWK and Facebook at https:/

So, on behalf of Mr. King, I am asking for a fourth way to help: Pray.

Independent authors like Mr. King are trying to attract the attention of a publisher. Without the proper skills and marketing budget, independent authors may never see their story be read by people who can be inspired by stories like The Evangelist.

Again, from Amazon’s description of The Evangelist:

“THE EVANGELIST is a modern time Christian fiction novel for adults aimed at Christian and non-Christians without being “Christiany” in nature. The book is written to be real with situations and language.”

In my opinion, whether you are a Christian or non-Christian, the description could do without the phrase, “without being ‘Christiany’ in nature.” Why? Because good storytelling doesn’t need to be defended and that’s why I am praying for Mr. King to attract a publisher who can help him turn my “like” rating of 3 Stars into a “love” rating of 5 Stars.

3 gold stars

May I pray for you?

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